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Dental Bridges for Tooth Restorations

Besides having dental implants, there are two main ways to replace missing teeth: 

  1. With a removable false tooth or teeth I.e., a partial denture.  

  2. With a fixed bridge tooth 

Just like dental implants, dental bridges offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Once fitted, a bridge tooth will not be able to be removed during meal times or sleeping as the bridge will be bonded to your natural teeth.  

A dental bridge is a great option for patients who are missing one or two teeth either side of healthy, natural teeth. Unlike dental implants, placing a dental bridge does not require surgery and can be done in a relatively short time frame. 

If you feel dental bridges could be perfect for you, contact Turriff Dental Care in Aberdeenshire today on 01888 562440. 

women undergoing dental bridges procedure

What is a dental bridge? 

A bridge is usually used where there are only a few teeth to replace, or when the missing teeth are all on one side of the mouth.  

For example, if you have one or two missing teeth that are surrounded by your natural, healthy teeth on either side, a dental bridge tooth will be a great option for you. 

A bridge tooth is essential a crown, or multiple crowns, made of porcelain or metal that are bonded to the natural teeth on either side. Bridges use tooth coloured porcelain to ensure any visible areas look natural and blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth. 

A dental bridge tooth is perfect for filling in small but pesky gaps left by damaged, missing or removed teeth. Not only with the bridge tooth help restore your smile and improve its aesthetic appearance, but filling in the gap left by a missing tooth will also help improve oral health and help with eating. 

dental bridges procedure

How does the dental bridge procedure work? 

The dental bridge procedure will start with your Turriff Dentist taking impressions of your mouth to make sure the bridge teeth will fit to your mouth exactly. Our dentists will also take the time to match the colour of your crowns with the colour of your natural teeth. 

Your new bridge tooth will then be constructed in our lab to the highest standard possible. This is likely to take a few days, if not up to a week, so you can choose to have a temporary solution fitted whilst you wait.   

Once the bridge is ready you will be called back into our Turriff dental practice to have the bridge and accompanying crowns fitted.  

Anesthetic will be administered to avoid any discomfort during the procedure but you will be fully awake and conscious throughout this non-invasive treatment.  We will fit your replacement bridge teeth safely and securely, double checking your bite, alignment and comfort.  

After surgery is complete your Turriff dentist will give you detailed aftercare instructions and answer any outstanding questions you may have. As the surgery is non-invasive, your new teeth will heal quickly and will begin to feel completely natural in your mouth in next to no time.

What are the benefits of dental bridges for teeth? 

As dental bridges offer a permanent solution to replacing missing or damaged teeth, their benefits are apparent.  

  • Dental bridges look and feel natural due to the colour-matched porcelain finish 

  • Dental bridges improve the strength and alignment of your bite 

  • Dental bridges will boost your confidence and improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile 

  • Dental bridges will help keep the surrounding natural teeth healthy and firmly in place. 

  • Dental bridges help improve oral health, prevent tooth decay and enhance your overall quality of life.  

You can contact Turriff Dental Care directly via WhatsApp if you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of having dental bridge teeth. 

beautiful smile due to dental bridges

What is the cost of dental bridges in the UK?  

Dental bridges are an affordable dental option for replacing missing teeth. Although dental bridges tend to cost more than dentures due to their permeance, they cost less than dental implants.  

The final cost of your dental bridge will depend on the current state of your mouth and the amount of work that needs to be done. However, it will normally be within the £100s.  

After your initial dental bridge consultation, your Turriff dentist will be able to provide you with a more accurate figure of how much your dental bridge will cost. 

Turriff Dental offers a range of helpful financial plans so patients can spread the cost of their dental treatments over several months. Don’t hesitate to discuss finance options with us upon your initial contact and dental bridge consultation. 

Book a dental bridge consultation 

If you suffer from missing teeth and are keen to fix the issue, dental bridges could be the perfect solution for you.  

We’ll talk you through the procedure in more detail and offer you a range of options to fix your dental issue. 

To have your dental bridge questions answered or to book an initial dental bridge consultation, please get in touch with the Turriff Dental team today and together we can restore your smile.

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