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Dentures are excellent replacements for missing teeth. Gone are the days when dentures were only for pensioners and looked incredibly unsightly. Now, they are sleek, well designed and made bespoke to your mouth.  

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What are Dentures? 

Dentures are essentially removable false teeth that are made to fit over the gums to cover the gaps left by missing teeth.  

Although dentures are not a permanent solution to missing teeth, they are extremely convenient as they can easily be removed when you are by yourself, sleeping or relaxing.  

Dentures are aesthetically pleasing and improve the look of broken or damaged smiles. They are non-invasive and cost-effective, making them an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring the look of your smile. 

The team at Turriff Dental Care is highly experienced in providing top-quality, personally designed dentures to our patients across the North East of Scotland. If you are looking for a quick, effective solution to replacing missing or removed teeth in Aberdeenshire, Turriff Dental Care should be your first port of call. 


What types of Dentures do you offer?  

At Turriff Dental Care, we offer a wide range of different types of dentures, including:  

  • Acrylic (plastic) dentures 
  • Metal dentures 
  • Flexible dentures  
  • PEEK dentures.  

PEEK dentures are made by using a scan of the mouth, which is then sent to the lab. No impressions are needed, so this is a good option for anyone with a strong, overly sensitive gag reflex.  

As everything is digital in this process, PEEK dentures are guaranteed to be a precise fit and very comfortable once placed in the mouth. Contact the Turriff Dental team today to find out more about PEEK dentures or to book yourself in for an initial denture consultation.  

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What is the difference between partial dentures and complete dentures?  

When opting for dentures you will need to choose between partial dentures and complete dentures.  

The decision on which one to choose is very easy to make. Complete dentures, as the name suggests, are for patients who need a full arch replacement for missing or removed teeth.  

Partial dentures, on the other hand, are designed to replace only a few missing teeth. 

Below you can find more info on both partial dentures and complete dentures. 

Complete Dentures  

Complete dentures can be used to replace either the full upper or full lower arch of teeth, or both if need be.  

This is a common procedure for patients who have had to have their teeth removed due to discomfort, tooth erosion or dental trauma. If you agree to dentures after the tooth removal is complete, the dentures will be fitted as soon as the procedure is finished, meaning no patient has to be left with missing teeth for any length of time.  

As the mouth will have gone through significant trauma after the removal of multiple teeth, the gums and teeth will take some time to adapt to the new shape of your mouth. This means that after the first few months your mouth may be in a different shape compared to when the dentures were first fitted, therefore the dentures may need relining or remaking after the first few months of wearing them.  

Complete dentures can also be made for patients who have long been without teeth. If you think you would be a suitable candidate for complete dentures, please contact the Turriff Dental team today to see how we can help. 

Partial Dentures 

Partial dentures are made to replace missing gaps in the mouth left by one or multiple teeth.  

As with complete dentures, a partial denture can be made of plastic, nylon, or a metal plate with the correct number of false teeth attached to it. The denture plate will conveniently clip onto your natural teeth to hold it in place and provide a firm base for your new replacement teeth.  

As with complete dentures, partial dentures can easily be removed whenever you like. They look perfectly natural and are discreet replacements for missing teeth. 

If you are interested in receiving a partial denture for your missing teeth, book yourself in for an initial consultation where one of our dental experts will measure your mouth and order a partial denture tailored exactly to your mouth, giving an increased level of comfort and appearance.

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Contact Us 

If you are looking for the best dentures near you, then visit Turriff Dental Care in Aberdeenshire.  

Our experience team of dentists and clinicians will help determine whether dentures are the best choice for your mouth and give you honest, expert advice on how dentures could help improve the look and strength of your smile. 

Choose between partial or complete dentures, with a material that suits your needs best.  

To book an initial consultation or to find out more about dentures, contact Turriff Dental Care today.  

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