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Facial Aesthetics at Turriff Dental Care, Aberdeenshire

facial aesthetic treatment in Aberdeen

Facial aesthetics are a popular and easy way to enhance your natural features. 

Facial aesthetic treatments are not meant to drastically change the way you look or significantly alter your facial anatomy. Instead they are used for reducing the effects that stress can have on the face and counteracting the natural ageing process. The treatment can also be used to combat pain or stiffness in the face.  

The goal of facial aesthetic treatment is to make subtle improvements in certain areas of the face; often the brow, cheeks, corners of the eyes and neck.  

Turriff Dental Care is pleased to now offer select facial aesthetics treatments here at our modern dental practice in Aberdeenshire.  


Professional facial aesthetic treatment Aberdeenshire


Jacqui will work with you at your consultation and beyond to help you look your best. Our facial aesthetic treatments can help patients remove any pains, stiffness or blemishes from their face. The bespoke treatment can also help rejuvenate the facial features that you are unhappy with.  

All of your requests, questions and worries will be addressed in your initial facial aesthetic consultation: 

Consultation: £45 - deductible from the price of any treatment prescribed

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Turriff Dental Care has been providing anti-wrinkle injections across the Aberdeenshire area, meaning whether you live in Aberchirder or Auchterless, you can have access to the best facial aesthetic treatments Aberdeenshire can provide. 

Anti-wrinkle treatment is one of the most popular and safest forms of facial aesthetic treatment. It helps ease worry or stress lines in the face by relaxing the facial muscles in the designated areas.  

If you are concerned about crow's feet or furrowed brows, anti-wrinkle treatment could be perfect for you! With our quick and perfectly safe treatment solutions, you can relax the muscles around your face and chin for a smoother, more youthful look.  

Book your state-of-the-art facial aesthetic treatment with Turriff Dental Care in Aberdeenshire by calling 01888 562440 today.  


How do anti-wrinkle treatments work?

Quick, effective and safe. Several small injections will be administered to the corners of your eyes, the top of your nose and your forehead or tailored to your specific needs and wants. 

With quick acting results, you can see the effects on the treatment within two to fourteen days. While a single treatment often lasts six months, you can receive top-ups to keep a youthful glow, as our treatments are safe to be repeated. 

Watch your worries melt away in front of your areas with the best anti-wrinkle treatment Aberdeenshire has to offer. Anti-wrinkle treatment is painless and guarantees results.  

Book in for your initial consultation today to rejuvenate your face and achieve a fresh youthful glow.  


How much do Botox anti-wrinkle treatments cost?  

Anti-wrinkle treatments, often referred to as Botox due to their use of the chemical Botulinum Toxin, can vary in price depending on the amount of work that needs doing. Some patients prefer to have multiple areas done in one sitting, whereas others are simply looking to have one facial area treated.  Cost will be discussed at the consultation appointment.



Professional dermal filler treatment  

Another premium facial aesthetic treatment offered by the expert Turriff Dental Care team is lip filler and facial filler treatment.  

Filler treatment has become extremely popular in recent years. Patients use dermal fillers to fill and smooth out sunken areas in the face. The fillers add volume and are commonly placed in the cheek, jaw, chin, forehead and lips.  

Lip filler Is a particularly popular choice which helps add volume and natural-looking plumpness to one or both lips.  


How much do filler treatments cost?

The price of dermal fillers varies depending on your chosen treatment area. The type of work you want done, be it a simple filler injection or more noticeable augmentation, will also affect the price of the filler treatment.  

The cost of filler treatment at Turriff Dental Care will be discussed at your consultation.





Book your facial aesthetic appointment in Turriff

If you are looking for quality facial aesthetic treatment in Aberdeenshire, then look no further than Turriff Dental Care. 

We provide a full consultation where we will assess your medical history, evaluate any previous cosmetic treatment and plan your treatment options with you, taking on board any requests or concerns you may have.  

Get in touch today with our friendly team to book your facial aesthetic consultation. 

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