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Invisalign Aberdeenshire

Have confidence in your smile without impacting your daily life

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  • Invisible appearance
  • Removable aligner systen
  • No uncomfortable brackets, wires or bands
  • Easy to clean
  • Uniquely designed for your teeth
  • Can be extremely quick to notice changes
  • Fantastic for aligning multiple teeth at once
  • See your treatment plan before you start with Clincheck



Why Choose Turriff Dental Care for Invisalign?


Nedahl Swessi of Turriff Dental Care has been a full Invisalign provider since 2017 and has been providing adult orthodontic treatment since 2014. This experience, and years in the industry, gives him the knowledge and specialist skills to complete a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to the highest standard. 

As a self-confessed perfectionist when it comes to teeth straightening, you won’t find another expert in the area with a similar passion, level of care and drive to help you achieve your dream smile. Turriff Dental Care is proud to be one of the few Invisalign partners and suppliers in the area and welcome patients from around Aberdeenshire.

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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a tooth straightening treatment designed to be a virtually invisible alternative to traditional fixed braces. Letting you smile with confidence throughout the treatment, Invisalign has little impact on your daily life making it deal for both teens and adults. The custom made, transparent and removable aligners allow you to talk, eat and live as you do now, with no pain and no unsightly metal wires or brackets.

But how does the treatment work? 

Your journey to a new smile begins with a consultation with Dr Nedahl Swessi. In this informal and friendly chat, you will discuss treatment options and learn everything you need to know about what Invisalign is, how it works and how it will help you achieve the smile you dream about.

Scans, x-rays and clinical photographs are then taken to create a 3D video, called a Clincheck. This video allows you to watch your whole treatment plan before it starts; every step along the way and the end result are visible before the Invisalign braces are even created. 

With your custom-made Invisalign aligners created, you then proceed to wear them for 20 to 22 hours of the day, returning to see us for periodic appointments to check the progress. Most patients are given four to eight aligners for the time between appointments, each to be worn for one week before progressing to the next. 

After the treatment is complete, we will continue to help you maintain a straight and sparkling smile. A new scan is taken, and you will be issued with a set of Invisalign removable retainers (Vivera). In some cases, a fixed retainer (metal wire) will be placed on the back of your front teeth for extra protection against relapse. 

As a bonus, all of our Invisalign treatments at Turriff Dental Care include complimentary teeth whitening after completion.

How long does Invisalign take to complete?

Invisalign can show visible results in a matter of weeks, but every case is unique and so takes different amounts of time. To receive a more accurate estimate of how long the treatment would take for you to complete, give us a call to book a consultation.

Invisalign treatments start at £2700 and offer a highly effective and lasting solution for straighter teeth and a more confident smile. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, get in touch today

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

The cost of Invisalign can be found on our Fees page or can be discussed with a member of our team during a consultation. Our dental plans also offer a fantastic 10% discount on any additional treatment, as well as some amazing savings while you spread the cost of your dental care.

Please, call us today for an invisible way to straighten your teeth

We are fully dedicated to offering the highest quality services to all of our patients, which is why we are incredibly proud to be one of the only Invisalign partners in the area. No matter which areas of Aberdeenshire you are from, we are always open and accepting new patients, whether:

  • Auchterless
  • Crudie
  • Garmond
  • Huntly
  • Aberchirder
  • Cuminestown
  • New Blyth
  • Knowes Of Elrick
  • Badenscoth
  • Tifty

Invisalign works to gradually straighten your teeth without the discomfort of traditional metal braces, and no practice in the Aberdeen area can help you achieve a beautiful smile like Turriff Dental Care. Please contact us to learn more and book a consultation with our friendly, dedicated and highly skilled team.

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