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Teeth Whitening Aberdeenshire

Teeth whitening is the perfect way to brighten your smile, boost your confidence and improve your oral health.  

Turriff Dental Care is proud to offer highly professional, safe whitening treatment to our patients in Turriff and the greater Aberdeenshire area.  

With two highly effective teeth whitening options available, our smile dentists in Turriff are able to tailor their bespoke teeth whitening services to match your exact needs. Both of our teeth whitening options are quick, safe, and are always of high-quality.  

Choosing teeth whitening from Turiff Dental Care in Aberdeenshire will help you achieve a brighter, more attractive smile for years to come.  

To book an initial tooth whitening consultation at our modern dental practice in Turriff, Aberdeenshire, give us a call today on 01888 562440. 

teeth whitening in Aberdeen

What teeth whitening options do you offer? 

To get your teeth pearly white and Instagram ready, our smile dentists in Turriff offer two different types of professional whitening services.  

Unlike teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and other forms of shop-bought whitening products, our tooth whitening procedures are safe, advanced and highly effective. We will never perform a tooth whitening procedure that will harm your teeth or wear away the enamel.  

The two teeth whitening services we offer in Turriff are: 

  • In-surgery teeth whitening using the BlancOne whitening system 

  • At-home teeth whitening using custom made whitening trays 


In-surgery tooth whitening in Turriff

Turriff Dental Care uses the BlancOne to offer a quick solution for brighter, whiter teeth.

The BlancOne system works by placing a whitening gel on your teeth and activating it with an LED light (also known as blue light), which helps to accelerate the treatment time. 

BlancOne offers a typical improvement of 4-5 shades of whitening.  We offer 2 systems depending on your starting tooth shade which will be determined at your initial visit. 


beautiful white smile

At-home teeth whitening 

For Turriff Dental Care patients who opt for at-home whitening treatment, custom made whitening trays and whitening gel are given to you by your dentist.  

The whitening treatment typically takes a few weeks, and you can stop as soon as your teeth reach the desired shade of whiteness. 

The use of safe gels and a custom made tray is now considered one of the best forms of whitening treatment. Safer, more effective and more convenient than many other options, it is a method you won't be able to find over the counter.  

When choosing at-home teeth whitening treatment from Turriff Dental Care, you’ll be given a full and thorough walk through to ensure you understand how to use the trays and whitening gel safely and efficiently.  

All your questions can be answered at your initial consultation and our smile dentists will be on-hand throughout your treatment time to deal with any issues or questions that may arise.  

Please feel free to chat to our team directly on WhatsApp to move forward with your at-home whitening treatment.  

How does at-home teeth whitening work? 

The steps to healthy, natural, attractive pearly whites are simple: 

  • Get in touch to book an initial tooth whitening consultation at Turriff Dental Care. 

  • Our professional smile dentists in Turriff will take some moulds and impressions of your teeth, which allows us to create your bespoke whitening treatment plan. 

  • Next you simply pick up your home whitening kit, which contains whitening gel and a custom whitening tray. 

  • Follow the instructions laid out by your dentist and start using the at-home whitening kit to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. 


Is teeth whitening safe? 

A quick search online for 'teeth whitening near me' will bring up lots of information for deep bleaching products, hydrogen peroxide treatments, teeth whitening top-up gels and various other procedures that 'guarantee' whiter teeth and stain removal but are often harmful to your teeth and gums. 

However, whether it's for gum disease, crown veneers or whitening your natural teeth, our client's safety and oral health is our top priority.  

This is why we only use methods, compounds and treatments which have been proven to be both effective and 1005 safe. 

The only way you can safely achieve a brighter, whiter, dazzling new smile through teeth whitening is by choosing a reliable whitening service provided by a dental professional.  

This is exactly the service we provide to our patients in the Aberdeenshire area, so if you are searching for teeth whitening Aberdeenshire, then you’ve found the reliable whitening service that you've been hoping for.  

Give us a call today to take a step closer towards gaining that perfect Hollywood smile.

safe teeth whitening at home

How much does teeth whitening cost in the UK? 

The cost of teeth whitening will vary depending on your dentist and the type of tooth whitening service you choose.  

The cost of teeth whitening at Turriff Dental care is as follows: 

  • In-surgery whitening cost £400
  • At-home teeth whitening cost £350

You can find a full list of our affordable dental care procedures to get an overall view of what we offer here at Turriff Dental Care.  

We also provide bespoke private dental plans that help patients maintain healthy teeth whilst spreading the cost. 

Contact Turriff for the best teeth whitening service in Aberdeenshire

To take advantage of Turriff Dental’s excellent teeth whitening services in Aberdeenshire, contact our surgery today.  

We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and organise an initial tooth whitening consultation to get the process underway.  

Get in touch today for bespoke teeth whitening in Turriff.

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